About the dangers and benefits of electronic cigarettes


  • Getting rid of addiction
  • The composition of the mixture
  • Harm of electronic cigarettes
  • The benefits of smoking

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes claim about the safety of products and position them as a device for quitting smoking. The device itself, consisting of an LED, a battery, a sensor and a sprayer, does not bear any harm. Questions remain about the fluid used in vaps (electronic cigarettes) and the appropriateness of using such a device as a solution to smoking.

Getting rid of addiction

E-cigarette advertising claims that such a device helps to quit smoking. If this is the case, then the wipes should save the smoker from the psychological dependence that he has to smoke. By psychological addiction is meant a craving for what a person is used to.


But, when a smoker changes his usual cigarette to an electronic one, which is similar in form and functionality, he does not change his habits. He continues to consider smoking an integral part of his life, his attitude to smoking will not change. Trying to quit smoking will now use an electronic cigarette to relieve stress or relax. A person remains addicted to smoking by changing a regular cigarette to its substitute.

The composition of the mixture

The fluid consists of five, sometimes four components:

  • Food grade propylene glycol. It is added to the sensation of greater strength.
    • Food glycerin. Thanks to him, more liquid is produced from the liquid.
    • Flavors. Give the taste of steam, inhaled by the smoker.

Electronic cigarettes are contraindicated and harmful to people who are allergic to the components of flavors.

  • Water. As in the hookah , water softens the taste and serves as a filter.
    • Nicotine. The most harmful component, but not always present in the mixture.

The first three components are often used in the food industry, therefore, in the right doses and proportions, they do not harm others (except for allergic people).

Harm of electronic cigarettes

With frequent smoking in the body increases the concentration of the components that make up the filling of cigarettes. In this case, propylene glycol can cause nasal congestion or allergic reactions in the form of a skin rash. Glycerin can cause dry mouth, impair blood circulation and the general condition of the blood vessels.

The main harm to the smoker and others occurs if nicotine is present in the smoking liquid. This component is addictive and is a toxic substance that destroys the nervous and immune systems, impairs vision, increases the load on the heart. Nicotine is addictive, so smoking people have a hard time quitting. Of course, there is a mixture without nicotine, but there are not many of them, as it is not profitable for vape manufacturers. Therefore, the composition of the smoking liquid does not always correspond to that indicated on the packaging, which is facilitated by weak control over the manufacturers.

When buying a mixture for an electronic cigarette, you should beware of counterfeits, which may contain a substance more dangerous than in a regular cigarette.

When smoking electronic cigarettes, especially in the first year, there is a high probability of returning to ordinary cigarettes, people trying to quit smoking.

So, as smoking electronic cigarettes creates the illusion of complete harmlessness, their uncontrolled use occurs. With frequent use of steam there is a load on the throat, as well as the accumulation of harmful substances in the body.

It is worth noting that a high-quality appliance, replaceable filters, a mixture for smoking as well as buying cigarettes are affordable.

The benefits of smoking

When smoking electronic cigarettes, there are positive points:

  • There is no unpleasant smell of smoke and tobacco.
  • No yellow marks on the teeth and fingers
  • The toxicity of electronic cigarettes is significantly lower than that of classic cigarettes. They do not contain benzenes, ammonia, resins, carbon monoxide and 60 times less substances that can provoke cancer diseases.
  • In some cases, help to get rid of smoking, if the dependence is not psychological.

According to a WHO (World Health Organization) statement, e-cigarettes are not nicotine replacement therapy. The organization has no scientific data that confirm the safety and effectiveness of such a device.

Choosing a cigarette as an electron for smoking, it is necessary to weigh all the positive and negative points. Such a device does not eliminate the addiction, but in some cases it may facilitate quitting smoking.