Changes in the body who quit smoking


  • First day
  • Second day
  • The third day
  • Fourth day
  • Fifth day
  • Sixth day
  • Seventh day
  • The eighth day
  • Ninth day
  • Tenth day
  • Eleventh day
  • Twelfth day
  • Thirteenth day
  • Fourteenth day
  • The first month
  • Second month
  • Third month
  • Fourth month
  • Fifth month
  • Sixth month
  • Second semester

A man who intends to quit smoking, will bring an invaluable service to the quit smoking calendar. A calendar consists of a description of positive changes in the body and the expected symptoms accompanying quitting smoking. It should be noted that the symptoms depend on the state of the body, the length of smoking, the level of nicotine addiction. The calendar describes the characteristic feelings of a man during this period and made recommendations to alleviate the condition. This quit handbook helps many men in the process of quitting smoking. Get started now!

First day

Nicotine is eliminated from the body. Owing to a decrease in the level of carbon monoxide in the body, the oxygen content in the tissues increases, which has a beneficial effect on the restoration of the functions of organs and systems.

At the initial stage, much depends on the psychological attitude. Some men on the first day feel pride and confidence in their actions. They experience only mild discomfort without manifestations of nicotine breaking. Smoking can be distracted by switching to any activity.


Men with a high degree of nicotine addiction already three hours after a smoked cigarette experience anxiety and irritability. The habit of falling asleep, having smoked a cigarette, needs to be changed to a new one, for example, taking a relaxing bath or drinking green tea.

Second day

The lung function is restored, due to a decrease in the amount of mucus, the functionality of the ciliated epithelium of the lungs is improved. Bronchial spasms caused by inhalation of cigarette smoke disappear. There is a feeling of lack of air. Also in the intestine is updated mucous.

There is a cough and shortness of breath. Characteristic mood swings, drowsiness gives way to high performance. Sometimes there is frequent urination. Disturbed sleep, he becomes superficial and restless.

You can start taking expectorant drugs or linden tea. Also, a universal remedy twisted honey with lemon in equal parts, take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day or milk with honey.

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The third day

Increased taste sensitivity and smell. Vessels are gradually cleared, and their elasticity increases. There is an increase in blood flow to the brain and heart.
Appears increased appetite especially for sweet snacks, but it is desirable to limit the fruit. At this stage it is necessary to follow the drinking regime, drinking at least two liters of water per day. During this period, try to avoid heavy physical labor and intense exercise, because there is a greater likelihood of dizziness and rapid heartbeat. Tinnitus may occur.

At this stage, the body needs foods rich in protein and amino acids (milk, cottage cheese, cheese, liver, beef, fish).

Cope with psychological addiction, when he constantly pursues the idea of ​​smoking, switching to your favorite activity will help. If possible, try not to provoke yourself with meetings with smokers.

Fourth day

The production of vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone) returns to normal and normalizes urination. In the bronchi, bladder secretion returns to normal and dark sputum appears when coughing. Many men have a slight swelling of the face and auricle. High probability of lowering of the motility of the intestinal tract and consequently constipation. Increased irritability and nervousness can be corrected with drugs (Note, Adaptol) or taking tincture of valerian, motherwort and hawthorn.

To prevent constipation, it is necessary to increase the consumption of dairy products and products containing fiber (bran, wholemeal bread, fruits and vegetables). Breathing exercises will help to stimulate the cleansing of the bronchi (take a deep breath, hold your breath for a couple of seconds and slowly exhale all the air).

Fifth day

The restoration of the broncho-pulmonary system continues. Normalized vascular tone. Sensitivity of receptors of language increases, and the man perceives taste of products better. Liver production is resumed by nicotine.

This is a day of high probability of stalling to smoking.

To hold the position, avoid stressful situations. Spend more time outdoors. If you are keen to take a cigarette, remember your motivation and always have on hand chewing gum or dried fruits, if there are no contraindications you can have seeds. In cases of depression, it is better to seek help from a specialist. If you are prone to depressive conditions, it is better to stop smoking with aids (plaster, pills, chewing gum, spray).

Sixth day

Increased mucus secretion in the lower parts of the lungs also return to normal secretory functions of the stomach and pancreas.

Perhaps the appearance of tremor of the hands. The reason for the appearance of frequent urination may be quenching of constant thirst. Sensations of dry mouth and sore throat appear.

Define tasks for yourself and plan leisure. You can watch a fascinating film, the main thing is not to sit back and alone. Do not keep cigarettes at home and remove all reminders of them.

Observations show that more often breaks men who do not get rid of cigarettes.

Seventh day

The period of physiological dependence on nicotine is actually completed and a reorganization of the vital activity of the organism has taken place without the participation of nicotine. New cells are formed without the participation of nicotine.

A man at this stage has to deal with psychological dependence. It is important to form new habits, displacing rituals with a cigarette. At this period, you can start playing sports necessarily given the gradual increase in load.

In connection with the weakening of immunity should protect the body from hypothermia and infections. When you attach to cough temperature, you need to see a doctor to rule out diseases.

The eighth day

Do not stop the recovery processes in the respiratory system. It begins to pass the feeling of “a lump in the throat.” Smell and taste are sharpened.

The second week should pay attention to the food regime. Do not replace smoking with regular snacks, sandwiches and fast food, because the body needs more fiber and vitamins. Recommend to undergo a course of multivitamin preparations (Multitabs, Vitrum, Complivit).

It is important at this stage not to drink alcohol – this provokes a decrease in control over the process and increases the risk of disruption. If you feel irritability and nervousness, it is better to ask an understanding from people around you that will help avoid conflict leading to the desire to smoke.

Ninth day

In the stomach, the production of enzymes returns to normal. Recovery processes occur throughout the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract). The process of blood formation is normalized.

The attraction to a cigarette next to smokers continues. It is better to purposefully visit places where it is forbidden to smoke. Discover the pastime in nature, active recreation will bring only plus your health. Do not neglect the airing of housing, especially before bedtime, it has a beneficial effect on the process of falling asleep. Do not forget about the mental attitude – your patience is worthy of respect.

Tenth day

The body’s immune system begins to recover. Recovery processes in the respiratory tract are accompanied by a cough, which is necessary to remove the “accumulations” of the smoker, this cough is only for good. In the case of men with chronic diseases of the respiratory system need to consult a doctor, as there is a risk of exacerbations. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe cough relief drugs.

To remove nicotine gum, black radish juice with honey helps. To do this, wash the radish scrape the middle and fill it with honey. Put a radish on a cup so that it does not spill and in two hours the juice will mix with honey and the medicine is ready. Take a tablespoon three times a day before meals. You can also take a teaspoon of honey and butter during coughing episodes to ease the condition.

Eleventh day

The vascular tone of the arterioles returns to normal and is responsible for delivering blood directly to the tissues. The skin becomes lighter. On the eleventh day hormonal changes occur, it entails mood swings, sometimes a depressed state appears. Started the process of normalization of the body’s metabolism, men can start to lose weight, but when overeating get better.
Vertigo caused by oversaturation of brain oxygen.

Against the background of increased excitability, feelings of internal stress, aggressive behavior is possible.

There comes a period when a man wants to check himself for a reaction from a cigarette. If all cigarettes are thrown out, they can ask or buy from someone. It is strongly recommended not to succumb to such desires and not to test yourself.

Twelfth day

Improving vascular activity and increasing tissue nutrition. Inflammatory processes in the lungs and stomach are declining. The organism increases the protective properties, because a new generation of high-grade cells with a protective function against viruses and bacteria has been formed. Coughing becomes easier and the gastrointestinal tract is restored.

At this stage, the man can already work out his system of distraction from cigarettes, the desire to smoke is present, but without obsessive states. A significant role is played by the supporting environment.

Thirteenth day

The process of creating “unfamiliar” cells with nicotine is activated. Skin cells are updated. Differences in blood pressure may occur, accompanied by pain in the back of the head. If you have problems with pressure, it is better to take control measurements in the early days. The majority of those who quit smoking have a normal blood pressure over time.

Approaching a two-week milestone gives confidence in their own abilities.

Fourteenth day

The healing process of the bronchial mucosa damaged by soot is coming to an end. There comes a final stage of platelet renewal and vascular walls recover faster due to their improved nutrition.

During this period, try not to overwork. Watch your diet do not allow starvation, because the body will signal poor health and this is an extra reason to think about smoking, because the reflex to solve difficulties through cigarettes developed over the years makes itself felt.
Having overcome this frontier, it becomes easier for a man to shift his attention from thoughts about smoking. At this stage, cigarette smoke is no longer appealing and sometimes causes hostility.

The first month

Physiological nicotine addiction is already in the past, remained psychological. At this stage, it is necessary to pay attention to improving the state of the skin, breathing and increasing efficiency. After overcoming the monthly milestone increases a sense of self-confidence.

Second month

The renewal process continues throughout the body. Reduced yellowness and dryness of the skin. The lungs are restored gradually, so cough worries more often during exercise.

At this stage, men feel differently, some can already say with confidence that the habit is behind and happy about it, while others are still engaged in a constant struggle with the desire to smoke. But according to the observations, both are equally susceptible to failure. Do not think that you can allow one puff, reassuring yourself that you are in control. Control in the case when you do not smoke. In these situations, it is necessary to recall the reasons for refusal and to be proud of independence.

Third month

From this month comes full renewal of blood vessels. Previously, their tone was freely disturbed either by external factors or under the influence of stress. Now the activity is normalized due to the processes occurring in small blood vessels.
An unfavorable period is ending, when I strongly want to return to smoking. The physiological attraction to nicotine has long been abandoned, and the psychological connection decreases. But in fact, every desire to “try”, “remember”, “find out” is a stage to return to the circle of smokers.
In the past, headaches associated with the restructuring of the body. Sleep bounces back.

Fourth month

Gradually, the condition of the skin is normalized, the characteristic yellowness and dryness disappears. In the gastrointestinal tract, the production of enzymes facilitating the absorption of food has normalized. Stool disorders are not associated with nicotine withdrawal. Also, body weight is stabilized, the desire for constant snacking has disappeared. In cases of weight gain will result in diet food. A man can reconsider the diet, since the well-established digestive system better absorbs the products necessary for life.

Fifth month

The recovery processes in the liver begin. In the lungs, tissue regeneration helps to stop expectoration of dark-colored sputum. You can increase physical activity to an average level (cycling, swimming). In the life of a man, new priorities have appeared.

Sixth month

Blood cells are completely refreshed and blood flows in the body, not exposed to nicotine. Regenerative processes in the liver continue, there is a noticeable increase in the functioning leading to the improvement of digestion, blood circulation and metabolism. Weight readings are stabilized. The perception of taste and smell increases. Many men in this period notice that it has become freer to breathe.

Second semester

In a man who does not return to cigarettes, libido increases markedly, and the potency processes are restored. The duration of sexual intercourse increases, as the vascular system returns to normal, and blood circulation improves. Blood pressure drops also stop and its performance improves markedly. There is a faster tissue regeneration for injuries and improved vision.

At this stage, you can gradually increase the physical load by adding power types of sport.

The lungs and the vascular system can handle intense loads.

The desire to smoke may be present in men, but it is associated with a pastime, rather than an urgent need for nicotine. The main thing is to take a new lifestyle with a lot of improvements, it is your health, on which a lot depends, the improvement of the financial side and the growth of self-confidence.

The stop-smoking calendar is a convenient tool that motivates a man to start the process and complete it to the end by winning. Start from today!