How to learn to make a lift with a coup on the bar


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  • Training and summing up exercises

Lifting with a coup is performed by tightening, lifting the legs and turning the body through the crossbar. A relatively light element, but requiring a certain amount of muscle training and balance of movement. Common in Workout, gymnastics, acrobatics, often included in the standards for athletic training.


  1. Hang on top with shoulder width apart.
  2. Pull up, throwing his legs to the bar.
  3. Continuing to bend your arms and equaling the belt with the crossbar level, move your legs behind the horizontal bar. Head should be thrown back.
  4. When the area of ​​the body belt will be above the bar, a revolution will occur due to the mass of the legs and inertia of movement.
  5. Straighten your arms and lock the horizontal bar.

The described technique is considered the most correct and easy.


Coup can be performed in stages. The first step is to throw the legs towards the horizontal bar, and at the second step, the body is raised by pulling up before turning around the axis of the projectile. Or, on the contrary, first bending the arms, and then throwing the legs over the crossbar.

There is a form of lifting coup with swinging. In this type of performance you need to swing on the bar and throw your feet due to the force of inertia from the buildup. This implementation, most experts believe is wrong and do not recommend.

When mastered the technique of performing the front exit in the classic version, you can try a more complex element, called the “feather” or “nine.” The peculiarity of its implementation is that the turning is performed without touching the crossbar body.


Lifting with a coup, like going out into two, the rivet develops coordination, increases strength, endurance, and agility.

Exercise refers to a complex, which involves many muscles. Lifting with a coup is effective for strengthening the press, strengthening the biceps, triceps, the broadest back muscles, deltoid, lower back.

At the same time, without strength in these muscles, the exercise cannot be done. Therefore, if the element does not work, you need to work on strengthening the muscles.

Training and summing up exercises

Before doing any sports you need to warm up your muscles by doing a warm-up.

Pull ups . Be sure to be able to pull up. Moreover, the more, the easier and faster the element will be mastered. This article will help: How to learn to pull up on the bar from scratch?

Press. The legs to the bar raise the abdominals. Raising straight legs to the crossbar from hanging position on the horizontal bar will help to strengthen the press well. At the initial training sessions, you can start by raising your knees bent to the chest. Other options for the press: Pump up the press at home – effective ways

Stretching. Required to raise straight legs. Stretching well worked out from a standing position, leaning toward the floor.

To master the rise coup will help pull-up with upside down .

Perform the summing up exercises every other day, bringing the number of repetitions up to 10-15 times.

Preparatory exercises, depending on the basic physical training, can last from a couple of weeks to several months.

Perseverance, regular training and knowledge of technology – the key to the rapid development of the front exit and the transition to more complex exercises on the bar.