How to pick up coffee and prepare it correctly?


  • Coffee selection
  • Choosing dishes
  • Cooking in the Turk
  • Alternative cooking methods
  • Irish Coffee Recipe
  • “Burning” coffee

Coffee is a drink that has not lost its popularity for several hundred years. Millions of fans start their morning with a cup of hot coffee, some people do not drink anything else.

However, improperly prepared coffee can only cause frustration. To discover all the charm and diversity of taste, it is important to understand: how to make coffee.

Coffee selection

The range of coffee is huge. Counters of markets, shops and specialty stores are packed with assorted packs and packages. Finding the right one among them is the main task. Even a professional barista will not be able to make good coffee from low quality beans, so the choice of product must be approached with all rigor.

Arabics or robustness

Coffee is made from seeds grown on coffee trees. There are two original coffees:

  • Arabica(Arabian);
    • Robusta (Congolese).

To the cultivation of arabica you need to make an effort: it is very whimsical. Its grains are oblong in shape. Arabian coffee is more noble, its bright taste combines both sweetness and bitterness. In this case, the taste of Arabica depends on where and under what conditions it was grown.


In turn, breeding robusta many times easier. Characteristics of the variety: round grain shape, strength, rich bitterness, high caffeine content. Robusta tasteless, it never brewed in its pure form. This variety is mixed with Arabica to give the latter a pronounced strength and a special “sound”.

The best coffee is pure arabica.


Packaging matters. An experienced coffee maker never buys beans by weight, because during the weeks and months that he spent his coffee in the clear, he completely lost his taste and aroma.

Noble elite coffee is packed tightly in tight bags (often of three-layer foil).

It is better to buy the product in special shops or salons.

Degree of roast

The taste of coffee depends not only on the grade, but also on the degree of roasting. In the process of roasting grains, their uniqueness is gradually revealed. Here for each choice is individual.

The degree of roasting is marked on the packaging with the marks: “1” means “weak roasting”, and “5” means “strong”.
Roasted grains retain their flavor and taste for a month, and then these properties gradually fade out. So look exactly when the coffee was roasted.

Ground coffee

Immediately after grinding, coffee begins to lose flavor, so it is better to give preference to whole grains. They can be crushed immediately before use.


A large part of modern products is labeled “with taste.” The buyer is offered flavored coffee with the addition of ginger, orange, vanilla, chocolate, etc. However, it is worth remembering that these flavors are not natural – they are caused by the addition of chemical additives.

Choosing dishes

The result depends on the selection of high-quality utensils. This coffee is brewed in the Turk. This item will not be replaced by any coffee machines or coffee makers, because the drink prepared in the Turk has the most vivid and natural taste.



  1. Aluminum. 
    Cheaper and more practical than other materials. Caring for such a Turk is not difficult. It is not recommended to rub away the growing brown plaque from coffee. Boil in an aluminum Turk can be only one kind of drink.

Now it is not easy to get such dishes, the manufacturers no longer use aluminum to produce the Turks.

  1. Brass. 
    Durable material, serves long and regularly. The interior of such Turks must necessarily be covered with a layer of silver or food tin. Brass Turk better than others will fit in order to brew Turkish coffee.
  2. Stainless steel. 
    Stainless steel does not absorb odors, and therefore in the Turk of this material, you can brew different types of coffee. Minus –the dishes are heated unevenly, and the quality of the drink suffers.
  3. Silver. 
    The most expensive and presentable. The taste of the drink does not affect. Differ in long service life and good heat conductivity.
  4. Copper. 
    Copper Turks are beautiful, they warm up evenly. Plus are thick walls. Be sure to have a layer of food tin inside – this coating protects the coffee from the ingress of harmful substances that are released during the heating of copper. It is necessary to clean such ware accurately.
  5. Isinskaya clay. 
    Very rare and expensive. You can cook in them a single type of coffee. The material “breathing” – in the process saturates the drink with oxygen. True, coffee is brewed in such dishes for a long time due to the low heat-conducting properties of the clay.
    Also for brewing coffee used Turks from porcelain, ceramics, mountain quartz.

Shape and size

The best Turk is one that has a wide bottom and a narrow throat. In small turks coffee is richer and tastier than in large ones. The ideal volume is 100-150 ml.

For brewing coffee, Turks with thick walls and a long handle are better suited.

Cooking in the Turk

Traditional, beloved by all option. There are many techniques of brewing coffee in the Turk, but the masters of this case are advised to start with the classical approach:

  1. Heat the dishes. 
    It is not necessary to heat the Turk, you just need to warm up its bottom on a weak flame.
  2. Pour the ground grain. 
    Respect the proportion: 1 tsp. l 75 ml of water. Lovers of sweet coffee can add sugar at this stage.
  3. Pour water. 
    Cold water should reach the narrowest part of the neck.
  4. Cook. 
    It is necessary to brew coffee over low heat, without boiling it before! If the coffee runs away, it’s best to start over.



It is worth noting that hookah mixes without nicotine (nicotine-free) began to appear more and more. In such mixtures, tea, beets, corn, and other components that have a less harmful effect on the body are taken as the basis.


one . The main advantage of the hookah is the relaxation of the body and the nervous system. Fragrant smoke helps relieve tension and forget problems for a while. In addition, smoking a hookah pipe is a great way to spend time with friends.

  1. With proper selection of the mixture for smoking with the addition of mint, eucalyptus, we can speak of a hookah, as an inhaler, which can favorably affect the respiratory organs.

To feel the fullness of taste, it is not recommended to pour any alcohol into the flask for cleaning, and to drink alcohol during smoking, which can lead to poisoning and hangovers .

Unfortunately, the benefits of hookah are much less than negative qualities. Hookah affects the body, like regular cigarettes, only a little slower. If you want to keep up with fashion and sometimes admit relaxation with a hookah – do not get carried away and know the measure.
And better find an alternative to this activity. For example, sports enthusiasm will improve the body and body, strengthen the nervous system and help in the fight against stress.