How to quickly remove alcohol from the body


  • Drug-free methods
  • Medical methods
  • Alcohol removal time

After going over with alcohol, to reduce its harmful effects, the urgent question of the rapid elimination of alcohol from the blood and the body is melted. Alcohol is eliminated through the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs. Moreover, up to 90% of all alcohol components are excreted through the liver, and the rest through other organs.


For the rapid return of clarity of thought, improvement of well-being and elimination of toxins from the body, there are drug and non-drug methods.

Drug-free methods

Give up alcohol. Drinking alcohol may help to remove for a while the hangover syndromes, but does not contribute to the elimination of toxic substances that cause unpleasant sensations. You can not remove alcohol from the blood, his own use.

Clear the stomach. To prevent or reduce the ingress of alcohol into the blood, immediately after taking a large amount of alcohol, it is recommended to empty the stomach. It is necessary to drink water in large quantities and cause vomiting.

Drink plenty of fluids. In case of alcohol poisoning, you need to drink a lot of non-alcoholic liquid to enhance urination to remove toxic substances from the kidneys. Water should be without gas, it is recommended to drink liquid with vitamin C. This vitamin is abundant in apple, orange, and lemon juice.

Brine. Apply cucumber and tomato brines. Popular and proven tool to alleviate the condition of the body after alcohol poisoning. Stimulates the work of the kidneys, normalizes the salt content in the body, improves blood quality. It is recommended to apply cold pickle, which stimulates the stomach.

Dairy products. Due to the content of nutrients, improves liver function, prevents the absorption of alcohol through the stomach, which contributes to its removal through the kidneys.


Sweet tea, coffee. They have a diuretic effect and saturate the body with glucose, which helps to improve brain function. It is better to give preference to green tea, which has antioxidants that help the body fight toxins.

Black tea and coffee should not be consumed with problems with the cardiovascular system, in order to avoid additional stress on it.

Water treatments. Taking a warm shower contributes to the opening of pores, which accelerates the elimination of toxic substances through the skin.

Taking a cold shower and rubbing with a towel will help to cheer up and, again, open the pores.

Bathhouse After visiting the bath, sweating increases and metabolism accelerates, which speeds up the process of removing alcohol from the body.

A visit to the bath is not recommended for diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system due to the heavy load on the heart and an increase in blood pressure.

Chicken bouillon. This is a popular folk remedy, thanks to which many people feel better. It is recommended to drink about one liter of broth for several times, adding cumin and cinnamon.

Med . After drinking a glass of warm water with honey dissolved in it, which has a diuretic effect, you can speed up the process of removing alcohol from the body.

Sex. Helps to remove alcohol from the body, speeding up the metabolism and increasing sweating.

Fresh air. At a minimum, you need to ventilate the room, and a walk in the fresh air nourishes the lungs with oxygen, accelerates the elimination of toxins through them.

Sleep. Not fast, but effective way to restore the body from alcohol poisoning.

Medical methods

Pain reliever In case of alcohol poisoning, it is recommended to take aspirin to relieve headaches and neutralize alcohol decomposition products.

Activated carbon. Absorbs toxins, harmful and toxic substances from the stomach, preventing their absorption into the blood.

Enterosgel Removes alcohol from the body and, according to reviews, is effective to alleviate the general condition after alcohol poisoning.

In a serious condition after drinking alcohol, hospitalization is necessary.

Dropper. In medical institutions or at home, but under the supervision of a health worker, use a dropper with vitamins C, B, glucose, insulin and such drugs as:

  • Trisol improves blood circulation, reduces blood clots, removes toxic substances from the body, improves the functionality of the heart and kidneys.
  • Reamberin has a  stabilizing effect on the kidneys, liver, brain and heart and accelerates the removal of alcohol from the blood.
  • Reopoliglyukin  is used to detoxify and improve blood circulation.

With the help of droppers achieved the most rapid and effective purification of the blood from alcohol.

Such drugs as Antipolitsai contain a mixture of the anti-headache component, flavors and vitamins. They can eliminate odor, reduce hangover, but do not remove alcohol from the body.

Alcohol removal time

Alcohol enters the blood stream mainly through the intestines and partially through the stomach.
Depending on a number of factors, such as the filling of the esophagus, the carbonation of alcohol, the general condition of the body, the absorption of alcohol into the blood takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours.

Along with an increase in the concentration of alcohol, the process of its splitting and withdrawal begins. For each person, this process has a different speed and depends on:

  • Weights;
  • Amounts drunk;
  • Strength and quality of alcohol;
  • Liver and body health in general.

In men, on average, the period of withdrawal of alcohol from the blood lasts about 0.1-0.15 ppm per hour.
Promille is a thousandth of volume. That is, 0.1 ppm means 0.1 milliliter of pure ethanol per liter of blood.

The average data on the removal of ethanol from the body, depending on the weight and type of alcohol at the rate of receiving 100 grams of alcoholic beverage.

Alcohol / weight (kg)up to 60708090100+
VodkaÇ.50 5 m.4 h. 55 m.4 h. 20 m.3 h. 50 m.3 h. 30 m.
Cognac6 o’clock5 o’clock4 h. 35 m.4 h. 5 m.3 h. 40 m.
WhiskeyÇ.15 6 m.5 h. 21 m.4 h. 40 m.4 h. 10 m.3 h. 45 m.
LiquorÇ.30 4 m.3 h. 45 m.3 h. 16 m.2 h. 56 m.2 h. 35 m.
GinÇ.50 6 m.5 h. 50 m.5 h. 10 m.4 h. 30 m.4 h. 5 m.
Vermouth 16%Ç.21 m 2.2 hours1 h. 45 m.1 h. 35 m.1 h. 25 m.
Table WineÇ.35 1 m.1 h. 21 m.1 h. 10 m.1 h. 5 m.1 hour
ChampagneÇ.35 1 m.1 h. 20 m.1 h. 10 m.1 h. 5 m.1 hour
Beer 6%50 min40 min25 min25 min21 min
Beer 4%36 min30 min.25 min20 minutes.15 minutes.

When drinking more alcohol, the elimination time increases. For example, when using 200 grams of vodka, the time value from the table should be multiplied by 2.

Even one-time uncontrolled use of alcohol can lead to severe intoxication and harm to health. Therefore, try to limit yourself to taking alcohol, and reduce its use to a minimum.