How to recognize urethritis


  • Trichomonas urethritis in men symptoms
  • Bacterial urethritis in men symptoms
  • Candida urethritis in men symptoms
  • Acute urethritis in men symptoms
  • Chronic urethritis in men symptoms

Urethritis – an inflammatory process in the urethra, the main symptom of which is pain when urinating. The disease manifests itself depending on the stage of the disease (acute, chronic) and the causative agent of the inflammatory process. Each type of urethritis has its own characteristics and a number of characteristic symptoms.

Trichomonas urethritis in men symptoms

Symptoms of Trichomonas urethritis appear two weeks after infection, but sometimes this period is reduced to three days or increased to a couple of months.

The first manifestations are an unpleasant itching and burning sensation in the region of the glans penis.

After emerge from the urethra (urethra) characteristic discharge of grayish-white color and frothy consistency. Often the discharge has a heavy odor.

With the acute manifestation of the disease, pain arises in the groin and the appearance of blood in the semen, this signals a deep lesion of the urethra and the spread of infection to the prostate.


There is frequent urination at night. These emptyings are characterized by the appearance of itching, which passes after a few minutes and the possible presence of whitish impurities in the urine.

Often, men consider the appearance of a sharp pain in the groin and mucous discharge after intercourse as a consequence of intense action, but this is how chronic Trichomonas urethritis manifests.

These acute symptoms subside after 2-3 weeks, and without treatment, urethritis enters a chronic stage, which is characterized by the manifestation of the above symptoms after intense sexual intercourse or alcohol abuse.

Bacterial urethritis in men symptoms

Symptoms of bacterial urethritis depends on the activity of the spread of the pathogen in the body.

For this form of urethritis, this period ranges from five days to several months. It usually begins with painful sensations in the urethra during emptying, there is a delay or frequent urination.

There are purulent or mucous discharge in the morning with an unpleasant odor, most often when drying it becomes yellow.

The external opening of the urethra reddens and swells, sometimes its walls stick together. There is pain and swelling of the penis, which provokes pain during intercourse. There may be blood impurities in the urine or semen.

Sometimes bacterial urethritis does not manifest characteristic symptoms, and it can only be diagnosed laboratory.

You should consult your doctor if you experience initial symptoms. This will accelerate recovery, and prevent the development of complications of urethritis.

Candida urethritis in men symptoms

With candidal form of urethritis, the onset of symptoms varies from several hours to several months after infection, it all depends on the body’s defenses. The first signs of this sensation of discomfort in the penis are with itching and burning.

A characteristic symptom is the discharge from the urethra white-pink color and mucous consistency, and in the morning hours the appearance of white filamentous discharge. On the head of the penis appears a cheesy bloom, but sometimes, with liquid secretions, a grayish bloom appears around the urethral opening.

Often the head of the penis swells, the penis becomes painful and sensitive to the effects, resulting in pain during intercourse.

In case of severe course, purulent discharge and frequent urination are added. When emptying, there is pain in the penis, and in the urine and semen there are impurities of blood.

Acute urethritis in men symptoms

The course of acute urethritis is accompanied by characteristic symptoms:

  • Painful urination accompanied by burning and itching. This is due to swelling of the walls of the urethra.
  • The frequency of urination increases and is accompanied by irrepressible urging.
  • The presence of sharp-smelling discharge from the urethra mucous or purulent nature. This symptom is most pronounced in the morning.
  • Each species is characterized by a different selection. Cuddly inherent cheesy or filamentous discharge, trichomonas foamy and greenish, with gonorrheal purulent discharge.
  • The external opening of the urethra reddens and swells. It is also possible sticking of the opening of the urethra.
  • General malaise and fever is uncharacteristically urethritis. If with the above symptoms, the temperature rises and weakness arises – this indicates affiliated diseases on the background of urethritis.

Chronic urethritis in men symptoms

Urethritis becomes chronic if untreated. This inflammation is peculiar to the erased manifestation of symptoms. The most common minor discharge from the urethra and itching. Symptoms arise for a couple of days with colds or alcohol abuse and disappear again.

Often, urethritis is asymptomatic and the patient does not realize that he is a carrier of infection causing urethritis. In favor of a secure relationship, you must undergo laboratory tests to rule out a disease.

Thus, even with minor discharge from the urethra and urination problems, you should consult a doctor. This will prevent complications of the disease and protect the partner.