How to relieve smoking cessation?


  • Symptoms of withdrawal syndrome
  • Main problems and fixes
  • Drugs to relieve withdrawal syndrome

Men with nicotine addiction experience marked discomfort when quitting smoking, this is due to the cancellation of stimulation of the body with nicotine. The withdrawal syndrome is the body’s response to the interruption of the usual doses of nicotine, which is manifested in the deterioration of the psycho-physiological state of the body.

Symptoms of withdrawal syndrome

When quitting smoking with pronounced nicotine addiction and complete or partial cessation of nicotine intake, withdrawal syndrome may occur, which manifests itself with a number of characteristic symptoms:

  • Sense of anxiety.
    • Irritability.
    • Impaired concentration.
    • Sleep disturbance.
    • Pressure drop.
    • Headache.
    • Cough and shortness of breath.
    • Enhanced hunger.

The period of adaptation of the organism to life without nicotine lasts from seven to thirty days.

The decisive factors are smoking experience and the number of cigarettes smoked. The higher these rates, the longer the withdrawal syndrome lasts. The psychological factor is important, if a man has a firm attitude and strong motivation, then the manifestations and duration are small. Therefore, it is important for men to make the decision to quit smoking at will and be confident in their abilities.

Main problems and fixes

During the period of nicotine production, the body underwent significant changes in the work of the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems.


After analyzing the possible psychophysiological changes that occur in the body when quitting smoking, when the body learns to work without stimulation with nicotine, you can choose ways to alleviate the condition.

The cardiovascular system

Nicotine contributed to increased heart rate and vasoconstriction, therefore, in a man in the first days of the restructuring of the body, circulatory disorders are observed. This leads to headaches, dizziness and drops in blood pressure.

What you need to do:
• A good sleep for at least eight hours.
• Taking Vitamin C and Omega3, they help cleanse the blood vessels and restore elasticity. Take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed or olive oil per day.
• Quiet walking.
• Positive emotions.
• Activities favorite business.
• If a man has problems with blood pressure, regular pressure monitoring is necessary.

In case of increasing and incessant headaches for more than three days, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Try not to take energy drinks during this period, as a sharp drop in vascular tone exacerbates the headache and provokes a stroke.

Digestive System and Metabolism

The gastrointestinal tract during smoking is used to additional nicotinic stimulation. Without admission decreases its effectiveness, and slows down the metabolic processes. Most often this provokes the development of constipation and weight gain.

Things to do:
• Stimulate the intestines with high-fiber foods.
• Restore the intestinal microflora. You can use dairy products.
• Control diet. It is necessary to limit carbohydrates and fats. The problem will be replacing cigarettes with nuts, seeds or candies. For these purposes, it is better to use chewing gum or vegetable chips without spices.
• Increase physical exertion (In the first month, do not recommend the use of strength sports and intensive loads).

Respiratory system

In the case of existing chronic diseases of the respiratory system, quitting smoking may first exacerbate the disease. Due to the increased separation of sputum in smokers, cessation of smoking stops stimulation of the bronchi, and there is an increased cough with difficult coughing up of sputum. In the first days there is a dry cough, which is replaced by a wet coughing up sputum. In this way, the body is cleansed.

What should be done:
• Stimulate the work of the bronchi. To do this, you can use breathing exercises and maintain an active lifestyle.
• Take drugs for sputum discharge (Fluimucil, Bronchogen, Gedelix syrup)
• Use expectorant folk remedies ( honey with lemon ground in equal parts, honey with warm milk and lime tea).

Nervous system

The body lacks nicotine, it is no longer produced in the body and does not come with smoking. This system has a high compensatory property, recovery processes occur in the body immediately after giving up cigarettes. Already on the fourth day, the production of the natural nicotine necessary for the functioning of the organism resumes. But the formed psychological dependence on cigarettes provokes aggressive behavior, irritability and anxiety. Reorganization of the body takes time and much depends on the psychological attitude.

Things to do:
• Take B vitamins.
• Be busy doing work that requires concentration.
• Change the familiar environment (business trip, vacation, excursions). It helps to break established connections and replace them with new ones.
• Repeat the motivation for quitting smoking.
• Apply medications to alleviate the condition.

Drugs to relieve withdrawal syndrome

In cases of a high degree of nicotine addiction, it is recommended to use drugs to help cope with nicotine addiction, and at times alleviate the condition of the man. All drugs can be divided into groups:

  1. Nicotine replacement drugs. Nicotine or cytisine tablets (Tabex, Nicorette). They act on the receptors of the body as nicotine, only without the harmful effects of smoke, therefore, it is necessary to use these drugs by constantly reducing the dosage while preparing the body to completely eliminate nicotine.
  2. Blocking receptors drugs. Tablets that cause disgust for cigarettes (Champix, Bullfight Plus). With their help, the mechanism for obtaining pleasure from smoking is blocked and a reflex refusal is formed.
  3. Antidepressants. Drugs to reduce stress and craving for smoking (Zyban).
  4. Homeopathic remedies(Tabakum, Antitab, Ceres). They have a soothing effect and reduce craving for a cigarette.

According to medical observations with nicotine addiction, one should not neglect the use of drugs that make one feel better.

When refusing cigarettes, the majority of men experience withdrawal from smoking, so it is important for every man to choose individual ways that will help to cope with a difficult period.