How to treat hemorrhoids in men?


  • Treatment methods
  • Medicines
  • Hemorrhoid treatment at home
  • Treatment of folk remedies
  • Exercises for men with hemorrhoids
  • Prevention of hemorrhoids

For an effective treatment of hemorrhoids, an integrated approach is used, consisting of the use of drugs, the use of folk remedies and the implementation of special exercises.

Treatment methods

Treatment depends on the stage of the disease, the localization of nodes and their vastness. When diagnosing hemorrhoids in the initial stages, local treatment drugs such as cream, ointment and suppositories are suitable for treatment. In addition, non-surgical methods are used to effectively remove hemorrhoids:

  • Cryodestruction . Freezing of hemorrhoidal tissues that eventually die and disappear. Used in stages 2-3.
  • Laser coagulation. Thermal exposure to high-frequency infrared rays. It is applied at stages 1-2.
  • Sclerotherapy . Removal of hemorrhoids with the help of special sclerosant drugs injected into the hemorrhoidal vessels. It is used at all stages of the disease .;
  • Use of a radio beam scalpel . Affects the nodes of powerful radio waves;


  • Ligation with latex rings . Putting a rubber ring on the hemorrhoid, which leads to its death and rejection. It is used in the 2-3 stages of hemorrhoids .;
  • Infrared coagulation . Treatment with infrared heat. It is applied at stages 1-2.

To the general treatment in the early stages, you can add light gymnastics and nutritional diet.

Unfortunately, there are cases that conservative treatment does not bring results, and the dropped out nodes constantly bleed, then only surgery can help the patient – hemorrhoidectomy . In this operation to help the scalpel, the doctor uses electrocoagulation. Another operational option is the Longo operation . A surgeon from Italy invented and applied this method for the first time. Sutures are imposed in such a way that they are slightly higher than the nodules, minimizing rectal injury, and recovery after the procedure is much faster.


In addition to the above methods, the treatment is made with drugs. Preparations for local use have an instant result, removing the overall symptoms. Basic hemorrhoid drugs combine anti-inflammatory, absorbable and painkillers.

Venotonics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and preparations containing bioflavonoids are added to the general treatment, regardless of the stage of the disease. The list of drugs and their actions can be viewed in medical encyclopedias, reference books and manuals. It is necessary to choose drugs that contain natural ingredients.

Treatment is prescribed complex, and it is necessary to fully comply with the recommendations of the attending physician. For topical treatment, it is necessary to apply ointments and suppositories, for the general – drugs in pills, to support the health of the whole body use immunoglobulin.

The treatment is chosen for each patient individually, it is necessary to fully comply with the recommendations of your doctor.

Characteristics of drugs

Drugstores are full of colorful boxes and attractive names. Before use, you must read the instructions, examine the composition and select a drug that is suitable for both price and quality.

To strengthen the vessels

Given that the problem initially begins in the vessels, it is necessary to use drugs to strengthen their walls, thin the blood and prevent blood clots. Also, some drugs increase the effect of local treatment.

  •  Drug Proktosavev . It consists of natural ingredients: vitamins A and E, shark cartilage, yarrow extract. The pills improve blood circulation and eliminate the external symptoms of the disease, itching, burning and pain. It has no contraindications.
  • Hemorrhoidin tablets . The composition includes extracts of medicinal herbs. Strengthens the walls of the vessels of the large intestine. Relieves the symptoms of hemorrhoids and eliminate discomfort during emptying.
  • The drug Venarus . Due to the interaction of the components of hesperidin and diosmin, not only has a beneficial effect on the total blood flow in the pelvic region, but also contributes to the formation of new capillary nets.

To reduce symptoms

Hemorrhoids bring great discomfort to the patient with their symptoms. Creams and candles are designed to reduce the burning, itching and bleeding of hemorrhoidal nodules due to local treatment.


  • Cream-wax Healthy . The composition includes natural preparations of beekeeping – bee venom, propolis, natural wax. In addition, there is horse chestnut. Relieves swelling, inflammation, has a healing effect. No side effects, completely safe drug.
  • Ichthyol ointment and candles . Anal fissures heal quickly due to the antiseptic effect of the drug. Relieves unpleasant symptoms.
  • Chinese musky ointment . Inexpensive means of local destination relieves swelling, inflammation. Stimulates the healing of cracks and wounds not only from the outside, but also on the mucous membrane of the lower part of the colon.
  • Anuzol . Candles with belladonna extract, zinc oxide and bismuth. Not only stops the bleeding, but also destroys the pathogenic microflora in the intestine, prevents infection through wounds and fissures.
  • Methyluracil ointment and candles . It has high anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and healing properties. Apply in the postoperative period.
  • Sea buckthorn and glycerin candles . Thanks to natural ingredients, it heals cracks and facilitates emptying. It has no contraindications, except for individual allergy to the components.
  • Proktozan . Available in the form of candles and ointments. Effective application at stages II-III. It has an analgesic effect, eliminates burning, itching and irritation of the mucous.
  •  Sprays PlatinusGemo and Gemoderm not only eliminate pain, burning, itching, but also have a beneficial effect on the healing and repair of damaged tissues. And thanks to the release form, it is possible to apply the product without a tactile effect, which reduces pain when using medications. Does not leave marks on linen and clothes.
  • Relief . Available in the form of candles and ointments. Thanks to the active ingredients: shark liver oil and hydrochloride phenylephrine, it combats the symptoms of the disease in the first two stages, and also relieves pain and bleeding in stages 3-4.

Hemorrhoid treatment at home

Some medications can be used without a doctor’s prescription at home. At the initial stages it is possible to use painkillers, ointments and suppositories that relieve inflammation.

If the drugs cause discomfort, it is necessary to inform your doctor about it, informing the name of the medicine, the dosage and the duration of use. The main factor in the treatment is diet.

It is necessary to eat light food, more vegetables and fruits, dairy products, but exclude fatty and fried foods. In order to avoid constipation, use natural fiber and drink plenty of water.

Alcohol must be eliminated completely.

After consulting a doctor, attention should be paid to physical activity. Stepping walks, easy exercise activates the blood circulation of the whole organism. Also in the early stages is applicable to the sauna and bath. In later periods it is not recommended to avoid possible bleeding from hemorrhoids.

Taking a laxative can lead to a complication of the disease. Take it is strictly prohibited.

Treatment of folk remedies

In addition to pharmaceutical medicines there is an opportunity to carry out treatment with folk remedies:

  • A piece resembling a candle is cut out of raw potatoes and, after smearing with oil, is inserted overnight. You do not need to get it yourself; during a bowel movement it comes out on its own. The procedure must be carried out within 10 days.
  • Candles made from butter, honey and herbal decoction, soothe the mucous membrane well and help with cracks and inflammation.
  • Black cumin, tea tree and milk thistle oil is used as a lotion.
  • Warm, sessile herbal baths help relieve tension, pain, itching, and a feeling of heaviness in the anus.
  • Compresses of ice will help eliminate pain. Not recommended for patients with inflammatory processes of internal organs, prostatitis and pyelonephritis.
  • Enemas from decoction of herbs (onion peel, oak bark, chamomile, celandine, blackberry root, etc.) relieves pain and bleeding, relieves itching and burning. Do 2 times a day, morning and evening on an empty stomach.

Exercises for men with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids – the problem of stagnation of blood in the pelvis. In the complex treatment of this disease, there is a series of exercises, which is designed to improve the tone of muscles and blood vessels. It is necessary to perform smoothly, without sudden movements, preferably after defecation. It should start with a minimum time, gradually increasing it. Systematic – an important rule, from rare single exercises the effect will be zero.

  • Walking. The simplest exercise that you can do at home, watching TV or in the yard. An essential condition is to raise the knees as high as possible. You can vary the exercise, if you put the legs crosswise or connect the stairs.
  • Bicycle. It is necessary to lie on your back, bend your knees and make circular movements. Thus, the abdominal and pelvic muscles are strengthened.
  • Clenching the sphincter. This exercise is convenient because it can be done absolutely everywhere, and no one will see. It consists in compressing and unclenching the muscles between the buttocks and in the perineum.
  • Scissors. In the supine position, you need to raise straight legs as high as possible and swing them side to side, then up and down.
  • Birch. This exercise should be done by men with good physical fitness. It is necessary to lie on your back, support the lower back with your hands and lift your legs as high as possible. Contributes to the flow of blood from the pelvis and strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  • Yoga. The simplest poses allow you to keep all muscles in tone and improve overall blood flow. Improves digestion by reducing the likelihood of constipation.

All physical activity is carried out in light gymnastic exercises, and does not carry heavy physical activity, which is absolutely contraindicated in hemorrhoids.

Prevention of hemorrhoids

Preventing is easier than curing. To prevent hemorrhoids, you need to monitor your diet, eat more vegetables and fruits. It is necessary to eat in small portions, but 5-6 times a day. Diversify the diet with natural fiber and do not abuse junk food and junk food. Avoid spicy foods, as it irritates the intestinal wall and the mucous membrane of the colon. Drink more fluids.

Physical activity is an important process. To prevent blood stasis and the emergence of thrombosis, you need to move more, do physical exercises, and if possible go in for sports and swimming. When sedentary work, periodically do exercises, several times a day for 5 minutes. With a long trip in the car, take a break every 3 hours. Walk more.

It is necessary to observe personal hygiene of intimate places. If possible, carry out water procedures daily to avoid infection and irritation of the delicate skin between the buttocks. Doctors recommend washing with cold water and using soft toilet paper. Underwear must be selected in size, from natural materials. It is not necessary to sit for a long time in the closet and to push during a bowel movement. Everything should happen naturally.

Hemorrhoids are a disease that can affect everyone, regardless of age. It is worth remembering that hemorrhoids do not pass on their own, at the first signs it is necessary to contact a specialist for advice without hesitation. After diagnosis, with proper treatment, you can get rid of this disease for a long time.