Inflate the press at home – effective ways


  • How to download press
  • Basic exercises for the press at home
  • Upper press
  • Lower press
  • Oblique muscles
  • How to quickly pump
  • How to remove the belly
  • How much can you pump press
  • Tips and tricks

Developed abdominal muscles and a flat stomach give the figure aesthetics and sexuality. Every man wants to be the owner of six cubes on his stomach, but this requires a lot of physical effort, as well as adherence to diet. You need to know a few simple rules, under which any man can achieve good results.

How to download press

First you need to figure out what “cubes” are and what function the abdominal muscles perform. They are involved when walking, turning and bending the body, also support the stomach and liver. An underdeveloped press leads to the formation of fatty layers on the abdomen and back pain, because the abdominal muscle is important for the lumbar region.

“Cubes” are formed by two straight muscles on the left and right sides, respectively. Each muscle is divided into four cubes, but only the top three have a square shape. The lower ones have a shape close to triangular.


The muscle of the press – one, there is no separation on the upper and lower. Depending on the exercises, the top or bottom of this muscle develops more strongly. In order for the press to develop fully, it is necessary to pump the upper, lower section and oblique abdominal muscles in one workout.

The abdominal muscles recover faster than others, so they can be trained 3 times a week. A beginner should not “kill” your abs from the very first workouts, otherwise, besides the fact that you will experience pain, you may not have time to recover for the next workout. It is best to limit yourself to three basic exercises and to perform each of the three sets of fifteen repetitions.

Equally important are diet and aerobic exercise — any kind of low or medium intensity exercise, where oxygen is used to maintain energy. Such exercises strengthen the cardiovascular system and are the best ways to burn fat. Ignoring proper nutrition and aerobic exercise, such as jogging or exercise bike, you will not be able to achieve a good result. In this case, the press will train, but there will be no noticeable relief and slimness.

Basic exercises for the press at home

These exercises will help you pump up the press at home:

  1. Twisting. One of the most famous and frequently used exercises, focused on the upper part of the muscle.
  2. Reverse twisting. Due to the raising of the legs, it is more difficult to perform. Engage the lower section of the press.
  3. Oblique twisting. Develop the external and internal oblique abdominal muscles.
  4. Side twist. Exercise lateral abdominal muscles.
  5. Plank. Static exercise, where there are no movements, to strengthen the abdominal muscles. The main thing here – as long as possible to keep the body in the correct position.

Upper press

So, the simplest and most popular exercise for training the upper part of the press is twisting . You will need a soft exercise mat and any weighting on the legs so as not to tear them off the floor. Sofa or battery will be the best helpers in this business. Hands should be crossed on the chest, but to complicate the exercise, you can put them behind your head.


Fulfillment: raise the upper part of the body, bending at the back and trying to touch the elbows to the knees, and then gradually lower to the starting position. Three sets of twenty repetitions will suffice.

Do not keep your back straight, in which case the load from the press is shifted to the lower back.

The following exercise is called folding knife . It is focused on the upper section, but also involves the lower press due to the simultaneous lifting of the legs.


Fulfillment: lie on the floor and stretch your arms behind your head, keep your legs in a close position. At the same time bring your hands to your feet so that the body folds in half. Make two sets of ten repetitions.

For complication, you can stay in the short position for one or two seconds.

Lower press

Reverse twisting . Exercise is similar to the first, only have to raise the legs. In the position of lying hands to fix the torso, focusing on the floor or holding the sofa.


Fulfillment: raise the legs until the knees touch the chest, then lower the legs until the heels touch the floor. Three sets of fifteen repetitions – the best option.

To complicate the exercise do not touch the heels of the floor. Because of this, the abdominal muscles will be in constant tension.

Well develops the lower part is familiar to many exercise scissors .


Fulfillment: supine, arms to be put along the body, legs to be raised ten to fifteen centimeters. Make horizontal swing feet, the wider the better. Two sets of twenty repetitions and more.

No need to lift your head during the run.

The best exercise on the lower abdomen is lifting the legs in the upper arm . It will require the presence of the crossbar at home.


Fulfillment: being in the vise, with a powerful movement to raise the legs bent at the knees, trying to reach them to the chest.

Stay in this position for one or two seconds and lower the legs down. Make three sets of ten to twelve repetitions.

Try to avoid rocking the body while lifting the legs, the press must be in constant tension. To complicate the exercise, lift straight legs to a right angle.

Oblique muscles

Oblique twisting. The best exercises for the development of internal and external oblique abdominal muscles. Lying on the floor, press the waist to the floor, your knees should be bent, and your arms should be turned over your head.


Fulfillment: simultaneously lift the torso and the knee opposite to the elbow so that the right elbow touches the left knee. Do the same with the mirror with the left elbow and the right knee. Make three sets of ten repetitions.

To complicate the exercise, do not lower the torso to the end.

Side plate. Great exercise for strengthening oblique muscles.


Execution: lying on one side, legs to keep together one on another. Lean on the right elbow, hold the left hand on the left side. Straining the press to raise the pelvis up. The same thing to do a mirror on the other elbow. Perform two approaches twenty times.

How to quickly pump

Fully achieve a beautiful relief press in one week will not work, but the improvements will already be visible. First of all, the muscle tone will increase, and the level of subcutaneous fat will slightly decrease. But you should not expect cubes, since this is the result of many days of training and a strict diet. With the right approach, strengthening the press and drawing the long-awaited cubes will begin in about 4-5 weeks of training.

However, it should be noted that people come in different training and different builds. The main role here is played by metabolism. It will be easier for a thin person with a fast metabolism to draw the press, because he initially has little fat on his stomach. People with a slower metabolism should tightly limit themselves to calories and put more emphasis on aerobic exercise, such as running or cycling. Accordingly, this type of people will spend more time on achieving a result.

How to remove the belly

You can get rid of fat by following these guidelines:

  • First of all, you need to abandon alcoholic beverages, especially beer. Alcohol increases the level of hormones that are derived from cholesterol, and they in turn contribute to the formation of fat deposits in the abdominal area;
  • Reduce calories. To lose weight, you need to spend more calories than consumed. Consumption of carbohydrates is better to leave for the first half of the day, and in the second, from about three o’clock, the best option would be to eat protein foods and low-calorie vegetable salads. Fiber contributes to weight loss, as its fibers fill the stomach and suppress hunger. But the starch, on the contrary, it is better to exclude to the maximum. Reception of sweets and fruits is also better to limit due to the sugar content in them;
  • Consume from two liters of water per day. Without water, the body is difficult to cleanse itself, and if you have a slow metabolism, it will be harder to reduce the amount of fat;
  • Frequent aerobic and exercise. Sports should be done two or three times a week, including exercise and high-intensity exercise.

How much can you pump press

A person with an average metabolism will be able to get a tangible result in a month, if he does every day, taking into account proper nutrition. In this case, you should not do serious stress on the press, and pay more attention to aerobics. This will help to quickly remove excess fat from the abdomen, and exercises will add a drawing to the abdominal muscles.

Tips and tricks

General tips and tricks for home workouts:

  • Be sure to warm up before training (warming up will warm up muscles and save them from injury);
  • Follow the technique of exercise;
  • Exercise regularly;
  • breathe correctly (do not hold your breath during the approach);
  • Focus on the abdominal muscle (keep it in constant tension).

The points discussed in the article will help to achieve the desired result for absolutely any man with any metabolism. There are only three basic rules for building a beautiful figure: regular high-quality training, proper nutrition and good rest. In a short time, your stomach will become smaller and bold, and the figure as a whole will look more aesthetic if you follow the above tips.