Male contraception


  • Ways and means of contraception for men
  • Interruption of intercourse
  • Condom use
  • Vasectomy (vasoresection)
  • Injections and pills
  • Samurai Egg
  • Multiple ejaculation
  • What to choose?

Protection against unwanted pregnancy is the care not only of women, but also of men. To protect and protect yourself and your partner, you need to know about male contraceptives and choose the right ones.

Ways and means of contraception for men

Male contraceptive means are less diverse than female contraception. The main reason is the complexity of their development. The fact is that the effect of contraceptives produced for women is aimed at protecting the egg from sperm penetration. Theoretically, this probability is possible 1 time per cycle, which lasts about 28 days. In men, contraceptives must neutralize the millions of sperm that are produced every day, which complicates the task.

Protective measures against unwanted pregnancy for men can be divided into barrier, drug and surgical. All techniques have their own characteristics, disadvantages and advantages.

Interruption of intercourse


The oldest and most realistic way to prevent pregnancy in the men’s arsenal is to interrupt sexual intercourse before ejaculation. This method has several advantages and disadvantages, which can be found in more detail in the article: Consequences of interrupting sexual intercourse for men. In addition, there is an opinion about the likely pregnancy of a woman from male excretions to ejaculation.

In order to avoid the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis , gonorrhea, chlamydia , trichomoniasis , genital herpes and others, interrupting sexual intercourse as a protection against pregnancy is only relevant with a proven partner. In all other cases it is recommended to use condoms.


Condom use

Currently, it is the most affordable and effective way to prevent pregnancy. A condom is made from a material that is an impassable barrier to sperm. This is a kind of protective thin case, dressed on an excited member. Read: How to properly wear a condom.

The advantages of this method:

  • efficiency up to 97%;
  • availability – can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy or supermarket at relatively low prices;
  • protects against sexually transmitted diseases;
  • prolongs sexual intercourse.


In some cases, there is an allergy to the components used in the manufacture of condoms.
may decrease the sensitivity and discomfort during sexual intercourse
is likely to damage the condom if used improperly or poor quality product.
you need to choose the right size and acquire certain skills to use the product.

Liquid condom

In addition to the usual condoms, condoms were invented in the initially liquid form. Liquid latex is in a spray can and is applied with a special spray just before sexual intercourse on an erect penis. After solidification, it is at least 30 seconds, you can proceed directly to sexual intercourse. In our country, the liquid condom mainly comes from China and some European countries. By the way, the German condom invented the liquid.

The main advantages of such a condom is that it is suitable for any penis size.

There are more disadvantages:

  • inconvenient procedure for applying to the genital organ – before use it is necessary to shake up the can and evenly treat the penis. And to observe a distance of 50 -70 cm, which in conditions of sexual arousal does not always happen;
  • it takes time to harden the product;
  • with uneven spray application, the protective properties of the product are significantly reduced;
  • A used frozen condom is more difficult to remove than a regular one.

Vasectomy (vasoresection)

A surgical operation in which fragments of vas deferens are ligated or removed. After surgery, the man retains all sexual functions and sexual behavior. That is, the sexual desire to an opposite sex, an erection, an orgasm and an ejaculation is inherent in it. Due to the obstruction of the vas deferens, the usual-looking sperm does not contain sperm, and the man is sterile — incapable of conceiving children.

This is a radical method of contraception, which can be recommended for men over 35 years old who have children.

In 1 out of 100 cases after vasectomy, the function of the vas deferens is restored in a natural way, which leads to the appearance of spermatozoa in the seminal fluid and the possibility of having children again. In addition, with the help of the same surgical intervention, it is possible to restore the spermatic cord and in 40–90% of cases a man recovers his fertility. It is believed that such a restoration must be done within the first 5 years after the vazetcomy, since the organism ceases to produce spermatozoa at a later date due to their lack of demand.

Such famous men as Pele, Ronaldo, Ozi Osborne made themselves a vazetcomy.

Advantages: an effective method after which a man can perform an unlimited number of sexual acts, without fear for the partner’s pregnancy.


  • does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases
  • recovering lost function is not always possible

Injections and pills

The most important thing you need to know about drugs, injections and pills for male contraception is that at the moment they are all under development and testing. Just go to the pharmacy and buy a male pill or medicine to protect against female pregnancy does not work. How not to get and find the name of such drugs. For widespread use, they simply do not exist. Doctors have been assuring for many years in a row that one or another drug passes the last tests and will be available soon, but so far nothing of the kind has appeared in the public domain. Scientists have not been able to cope with an incredible amount of side effects from such drugs.

Men’s spiral, polyurethane plugs, contraceptive gel are contraceptive devices that are in the development and experimental stages. They are not in the official sale, and the use of such funds can harm the body of a man.

Samurai Egg

In ancient Japan, the method was practiced for the time being sterilizing men by raising the temperature in the scrotum. To do this, it was necessary every day to take hot baths with a temperature of about 40 – 46 C for 30 – 45 minutes. This method is called “Samurai Egg”. It was believed that after such procedures a man could not fertilize a woman for 6 months. Over time, the function of the testicles was restored. A similar effect is obtained when driving a car for more than 4 hours during the day, when dressing too warm and tight clothes.

Despite the fact that when the temperature of the testicles is above 37 C, the production of spermatozoids is really disturbed and decreases, the effectiveness of this method is rather controversial, and the risk of cancers of the penis is significantly increased.

Multiple ejaculation

Quite a lot of men believe that after 2 – 4 sexual intercourse in a row, the viability of sperm decreases and the possibility of fertilization is “zero”. This logic is not entirely correct. Even in a small amount of seminal fluid secreted after repeated sexual intercourse, there may be a sufficient number of live spermatozoa capable of fertilizing an egg cell. In addition, the sensitivity and brightness of the sensation of orgasm decrease by 3–5 times of sexual intercourse, and not everyone is able to withstand such a marathon.

What to choose?

After analyzing all the existing methods of male contraception it can be concluded that today only 3 methods are really effective:

  • Interruption of intercourse
  • Vasectomy
  • Condom use