The effect of celery on men’s health


  • Description and variations
  • Composition
  • Useful properties of celery
  • Celery juice
  • Rules of use
  • Contraindications
  • Choosing celery – how to make a purchase?
  • How to store celery?
  • Application

The celery plant has tasty leaves, a stem and a round root, with a fleshy structure. Vegetable is used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology, traditional medicine. Root has a fresh pleasant aroma, which is slightly enhanced during heat treatment.

Description and variations

To date, there are more than 15 types of celery, and they all have between themselves external similarities. The only difference is in how quickly fresh greens grow after pruning, and what sizes a root crop can reach. Taste the same qualities as the benefits of the plant for the body have a similar composition.

What do celery fruits look like?

The plant has straight stems, with grooves and thickening of the part at the root. At the crown of the plant, as a rule, several leaves are broken through that look like parsley.
When flowering, tiny flowers are collected in complex “umbrellas” and have a white-greenish color.
The root of all species is almost the same, looks like a radish, but with a more dense skin.

Celery Types

Root – grown with seedlings, ripens about 4 months, it can weigh more than one kilogram. Leaves are also used as food, but only after the root has matured.


Petiolate (stem) – a plant can reach half a meter in height, and the stems can have not only green, but also light pink or white color (depending on the variety). Stems are thick, can reach 5 cm in diameter, while the root of the plant does not develop.

Leaf – a plant with abundant greens. It is used as a spice and decoration in salads in fresh and dried forms. The roots of this variety are hard and rarely used for food.

For the preparation of delicious and fragrant dishes, the seeds of the plant as a whole or powdered can be used.


The vegetable contains many vitamins and the most valuable trace elements, especially for men’s health. For example, a lot of vitamin C, B and E, as well as vitamins A, PP, and K. In addition to them, zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron are contained. High content of riboflavin, chlorophyll and a lot of useful fiber. The calorie content of the product is low – 100 grams of fresh celery is only 13 Kcal.

Useful properties of celery

It is filled with vitamins, minerals and biological substances to the fullest extent. To the same extent, it applies both to chords and rootlets, so it must be included in your diet at least twice a week. Celery is aphrodisiac and has a positive effect on men’s health:

  • Heals and strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, makes them more mobile and elastic, normalizing blood pressure.
  • It helps to remove excess water from the body, removing excessive swelling, eliminating arthritis and its aggravation, dynamically affects gout and rheumatism, renal colic and aggravation.

What else is the benefit of celery for men’s health? The fact is that celery contains a special male hormone – androsterone, which has a positive effect on the potency and health of the man as a whole. An important plus of this hormone is that, when it is released from the body along with sweat, as a pheromone, it has a pleasant stimulating effect on surrounding women.


The use of celery has an excellent effect on the prevention of prostatitis, and its diuretic properties have a positive effect on the urogenital system, fighting against infectious diseases.

Celery for weight loss

The plant perfectly stimulates the digestive tract, removes all the toxins and slags from the body, excess water, with coarse fiber, eliminating the human internal organs from puffiness. If at the same time to go in for sports, any physical exercises, for example, tightening , pumping up the press and power loads, then with regular use, the burning of excess fat in the body will quickly improve.

If you want to lose weight, the simplest solution is to add the ingredient to the dishes without fanaticism, do not forget about vegetable salads. And be sure not to forget about physical exertion, do light exercises and warm-ups in the morning, spend 10-15 minutes in the evening on a gymnastic mat for a stretch.

Healthy celery health benefits:

Men – the product is incredibly useful for normal hormonal levels, prolonged and stable erection, prostate prevention.

For hypertensive patients, regular use of the product can “quench” sudden surges in blood pressure, reducing their frequency, which can return when the disease is exacerbated.

Slimming – a product with a negative calorie content is long absorbed and split, gives a stable feeling of satiety, positively affecting the work of the digestive tract.

Celery juice

Used to obtain the most concentrated nutrients from the plant. For its preparation, it is necessary to wash the stems well and squeeze with the help of a juicer. You can add honey , carrot or other vegetable juice to healthy nectar .

To use it more than 100 grams per day is not recommended, so as not to provoke diseases of the stomach and intestines. It is also not advisable to take it with meals to avoid gas formation.

It is best to take juice 30 minutes before meals. With its regular use, not more than the specified norm:

      • cleanse the body of toxins;
      • possible cleansing of stones in the kidneys and bladder;
      • strengthen the nervous system;
      • will help with the treatment of prostatitis and improve potency;
      • stabilizes blood pressure.

Rules of use

It is not worth much to get involved in the product, 150 grams will be quite enough for a healthy person. fresh celery per day.

Do not abuse celery in the evening – the composition of the product can have an invigorating effect on the human body, and in case of a disease of the venous system, use should be reduced to 50-70 grams. fresh product.


Celery can cause the greatest danger to people with epilepsy, and those who have kidney stones and bladder. However, the stones can shift and move towards the exit only if celery is consumed excessively often and in large quantities. As for epilepsy, seizures can worsen, become more frequent and stronger.

You should not be zealous in the event that there is an ulcer or gastritis, since a high content of fiber in the product will aggravate the general condition by disrupting the already healed wounds on the gastric mucosa with coarse fibers.

Choosing celery – how to make a purchase?

Ripe petiole celery on the shelves of shops will lure you to itself with a juicy bright green color, but if there are brown or yellow spots on it – the purchase should be abandoned, the product is no longer fresh and lies on the display case for a long time.

The top leaves with leaves should be elastic, with a slight gloss, but soft leaves and stems indicate that the product is unripe, and therefore there is little use in it.

When buying celery root, it is recommended to give preference to small roots in diameter, large ones can be less bright and juicy in taste, have a rigid structure. At the young root celery pulp is juicy and crunchy, the old overgrown fruit will be tough, fibrous.

How to store celery?

Both tops and roots can be stored in the refrigerator, or in a container specially designated for storing vegetables. A prerequisite is that there is fresh air in the container. The container should be in a cool, dark place. But if you clean it and cut it, put it in a container or a tight bag and freeze it, its shelf life increases to six months.

Celery celery can be kept fresh at room temperature, if you put it in a jar of clean cold water and change it regularly.


Salads, first and second dishes, appetizers, sauces and green smoothies – everything is easy to prepare when adding to the dish any of the celery pieces that are on hand.

For example, the root of a plant is often boiled or baked, and the stems and leaves are suitable for making salads and hot dishes. He is able to partially replace the potatoes so beloved by all – very tasty to bake him with slices in the oven and serve with meat or fish dishes.

Only a fresh product has healing and healing properties, in other situations the dishes will taste good, but the content of vitamins will noticeably decrease during heat treatment.

Celery stalk – ideal for making salads, pleasantly set off their taste, will give a fresh touch.

Celery oil – perfect for filling salads and snacks, will give the dishes a special freshness and unique summer coolness.

Celery celery – with the addition of delicious sauces “chopsticks”, sliced ​​5-6 cm in length can be served as a snack as a family dinner or dinner, or at a holiday party.

Recipe for Green Salad with Celery Celery


        • 2 celery stalks;
        • White cabbage – 150 gr .;
        • Big green apple;
        • Natural yogurt – 75 gr.
        • Liquid honey – Art. spoon;
        • Lemon juice – to taste;
        • Nuts – for decoration.

Salad preparation:

Thinly chop the cabbage and mash your hands so that it is juicy and tender.

Finely chop the peeled apple and cut celery stalks just as thinly.

Fold all the ingredients in a bowl and mix.

Mix honey and yogurt, whip, season the salad and garnish with croutons.

Obvious simple fact, if you include in your diet celery, you can heal the body. Therefore, the strong half should look at this vegetable, and add it to your menu.