The probability of pregnancy from male secretions


  • Excreted fluid
  • Place of education and purpose
  • Amount of grease
  • The probability of pregnancy from lubrication

Not only women, but also many men are interested in the question of a possible partner’s pregnancy from lubricant, which is released from the male organ. Particularly relevant such a question arises during intercourse without a condom (or damage) and prevent pregnancy by interrupting sexual intercourse before a male orgasm.

Excreted fluid

In the erect state, during sexual arousal, a lubricating fluid is released from the male penis. It appears from the urethra during intercourse, in preparation for it during intimate caresses, at the very beginning of intercourse and shortly before orgasm before ejaculation.Lubrication can also occur when masturbating.

The fluid expelled in such cases is called pre-ejaculate, lubricant, pre-seed or Cooper fluid. Visually, it is a colorless, transparent mucous and odorless sticky discharge.

Place of education and purpose

Viscous fluid forms in the so-called bulbourethral glands of Cooper and Littre, which are located along the entire urinary canal. Increased secretion and secretion of mucous fluids occurs with sexual arousal.

The excreted fluid performs several functions:

  • moisturizes and lubricates the urethra
  • cleans the excreting duct from urine residues with excess acidity.
  • creates the necessary favorable alkaline environment for sperm cells when they are released through the urethra.
  • participates in moistening the vaginal walls, for easy penetration and sliding of the penis.
  • getting into the vagina, partially neutralizes the aggressive environment in it, increasing the chance for spermatozoa to survive and achieve the goal.

Such a lubricant is a normal physiological phenomenon in men. In addition, the sebaceous glands are present on the penis, which produce a secret during sexual arousal, facilitating the introduction of the penis into the female genital organs. More smegma stand out, lubricates the head of the penis and accumulates under the foreskin. This lubricant is released regardless of the excitement and sexual intercourse and has no relation to the possible pregnancy of the partner.

More detail about all the secretions in men from the sexual organ .

Amount of grease

For each man, the amount of discharge may be different or absent altogether. Moreover, with the same man, when excited in different situations and at different periods of time, the volume of fluid released may differ significantly or not at all. It depends mainly on the degree of arousal – the stronger the arousal, the more the pre-ejaculate is released. There are cases when men produce lubricant in an amount equal to the volume of seminal fluid after ejaculation. On average, a few drops of grease are emitted.

Due to the individuality of each male body, even with strong sexual arousal during sexual intercourse, the discharge may be completely absent. This is not a pathology.

The probability of pregnancy from lubrication

Immediately it should be noted that large-scale studies to determine the presence of sperm in the pre-seed was not conducted. They were carried out by a small group of scientists, on the basis of which it was concluded that there are no spermatozoa in the lubricant or their content in it is very small.

However, due to the low level of knowledge of the content of sperm in mucus, it is impossible to say with absolute certainty that fertilization from the lubricant is excluded. It all depends on the characteristics of the body of a man and related factors, such as the period of ovulation in a woman. It is likely that the small amount of sperm that may be in the pre-ejaculate may be enough to get into the vagina and reach the egg.

The greatest possibility of pregnancy partner from lubrication exists during repeated sexual intercourse, especially if it is repeated after a short period of time. This is due to the fact that after ejaculation, part of the sperm always remains in the excretory channel. During the second act, the secreted lubricant can pick up the remaining sperm and bring them into the vagina. In addition, after the first sexual intercourse, women also have their own lubrication, and if a woman has an orgasm, the vagina is also relaxed, which together makes it possible for a programmed target to reach sperm.

This is one of the reasons why, in about 30% of cases, interrupted sexual intercourse ends with the pregnancy of girls.

You can minimize the risks of unwanted pregnancy in the following way. Due to the fact that urine contains acid, which has a detrimental effect on the vital activity of sperm, before the second sexual intercourse it is necessary to urinate and thoroughly wash the head of the penis, washing off the sperm residues. This will reduce the likelihood of semen entering the vagina.

Despite the fact that the probability of a woman becoming pregnant from the secreted lubricant from the male sexual organ is negligible, it exists. If pregnancy is not desirable, you need to use contraceptives during intercourse, to be extremely careful during caresses, not allowing the release of secretions on the genitals of the woman.