Ways to treat constipation in men


  • Independent measures
  • Medications
  • Prevention

In most cases, chronic constipation is successfully treated by adjusting the diet, introducing physical activity, massaging the abdomen and normalizing the bowel movement. Therapy can be quite long, success is largely determined by the efforts of the patient.

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Independent measures

To restore colon motility against the background of atonic constipation, more so-called ballast products should be included in the diet:

  • dried fruits;
  • legumes;
  • spinach;
  • pumpkin, zucchini;
  • radishes, beets;
  • oatmeal, buckwheat.

Be sure to use from 1.5 liters of liquid (preferably water) per day. Read:  How is water healthy and how much should you drink it?

With spastic type of constipation, with anal fissures, a sparing diet is needed: lean meat, steamed fish, steamed vegetables, dairy products (except cottage cheese), a minimum of legumes and cabbage.

For all types of constipation, you should exclude fatty meats, fried dishes, muffins and white bread, smoked meats and canned goods, coffee , chocolate, potatoes, pasta, white rice, eggs , cottage cheese. Products such as honey , dates, grapes, pumpkin , dried apricots , and pears stimulate peristalsis . Useful olive, sunflower oil, as well as fish oil.

There are effective and folk remedies :

  • warm pickle from sauerkraut;
  • aloe juice (a teaspoon half an hour before meals);
  • a glass of kefir with a tablespoon of vegetable oil (for the night);
  • beet juice;
  • boiled figs for half an hour;
  • reception in the morning on an empty stomach soaked from the evening of flax seeds (a teaspoon for half a glass of water).

Getting rid of chronic constipation will help develop a reflex defecation: attempts are made at one time (preferably after breakfast) in the most comfortable conditions. The self-massage of the abdomen will have a positive effect (stroking with a small effort clockwise), as well as regular series of exercises for the press , an increase in physical activity, and jogging.

In the case of the acute form, it is dangerous to waste time on self-treatment, the intervention of the doctor is necessary. To get rid of organic constipation often requires surgery, and urgent.


Correction of diet and physical activity is not always enough to normalize the stool, then different types of medications are used:

  • irritating receptors of the colon: based on senna extract, rhubarb, buckthorn, picosulphate and bisacodyl preparations. Duspatalin, Coordinix, Peristil, Motilium, Debridat have a mild stimulating effect ;
  • osmotic – water retention in the intestines, softening the feces in the large intestine: British and Karlovy Vary salts, magnesium sulfate, preparations of lactulose and macrogol;
  • increasing the volume of feces;
  • combined means: Microlax, Regulax, Kafiol ;
  • vaseline or almond oil.

In some cases, physiotherapy procedures are used:

  • electrostimulation of the intestine in order to restore motility and increase blood supply;
  • specialized bowel massage;
  • monitoring intestinal cleansing followed by a course of bifidobacteria.

The earlier treatment for stool normalization is initiated, the less complications will develop.


Prevention of constipation is effective only if regular implementation of a number of rules:

  • balanced nutrition (4-5 times a day in small portions): at least sweet soda, fast food, flour, more fiber, vegetables, fruits, greens. It should be noted that meat food provokes the development of putrefactive bacteria that inhibit the growth of beneficial, stimulating peristalsis;
  • in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of water at room temperature, it is very useful to eat an apple in 15 minutes ;
  • regular physical activity.

These simple measures will help keep the intestines in the right tone, clean it regularly and naturally and fill it with useful microflora.

Prompt bowel movement is an important condition for the health of the whole body, so you should not tolerate discomfort and discomfort with constipation. If independent measures do not help to normalize the stool, then do not hesitate to go to a specialized doctor. In some cases, delay in treatment leads to irreversible processes.