What to do to not get drunk when you need to drink a lot?


  • How to stay sober while drinking alcohol
  • How to drink and not get drunk?
  • Anti-intoxication
  • Ways of drinking alcohol according to the method of special services

There are various alcoholic beverages at almost every festive event. They relax the body and temporarily distract a person from life concerns. Sometimes, when drinking alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to remain sober in order to avoid bad consequences.

How to stay sober while drinking alcohol

While taking alcohol it is impossible to stay completely sober, but there is an opportunity to prevent severe alcohol intoxication. Some people drink a liter of vodka without biting and feel good. Others lose their mind from one mug of weak beer. It directly depends on genetics. Therefore, the time during which a person is able to get very drunk depends not only on the amount of drinks consumed, but also on the sex and age of the drinker.

Tips to help avoid rapid intoxication

  1. Exercise ten hours before the commencement of the event helps to process alcohol faster.
  2. You can drink a glass of vodka or one mug of beer before the holiday. In the body begins to produce an enzyme responsible for the neutralization of alcohol. This will allow you to stay sober for a long time.
  3. Before drinking alcohol you need to eat. Hunger contributes to rapid and severe intoxication.
  4. Snack hot and light snacks. Heavy food additionally loads the liver. Food that can cause a feeling of satiety in small quantities is also undesirable to use, in which case, after sixty minutes from the moment of drinking alcohol, there will be a strong intoxication. As an appetizer, you can use fruits, vegetables, sausages and various cheeses.


  1. It is contraindicated to increase the degree and mix drinks.
  2. You can not drink strong alcohol soda, as carbon dioxide in combination with alcohol can quickly cause severe intoxication. It is better to prefer freshly squeezed juice.
  3. Alcohol dehydrates the body, and as a result, in the morning, a person is worried about severe headaches. To avoid this, it is necessary after each adopted glasses to drink a glass of pure water without gases. It will be difficult to do this, but this method allows you to wake up in the morning without a hangover.

The above methods help to maintain a sober state, if a person knows the measure in alcohol intake. A large amount of alcohol consumed leads to poisoning of the body. Tips will not benefit people with low levels of enzymes.

How to drink and not get drunk?

Sometimes it is necessary to stop drinking beverages in order to avoid disastrous consequences, since alcohol acts differently on each organism.

  1. Before you drink, it is recommended to sleep.
  2. Drinking alcohol is undesirable in a depressed or emotionally excited state.
  3. Do not smoke. Nicotine promotes rapid intoxication.
  4. Walking in the fresh air is good for the body and helps to avoid rapid intoxication. However, it is undesirable to face sharp temperature changes.


There are many drugs that help to drink alcohol and not get drunk. For example:

The drug ” Dimeksid ” helps sober up. It has a sharp and not very pleasant smell. The drug should be diluted in plain filtered water, then moisten a cotton swab or a small piece of cloth with this solution. The tampon should be stored in a container that does not allow air to pass through and inhale while taking alcohol. It helps to prevent intoxication.

Eleutherococcus counteracts alcoholic beverages. Before drinking inside taken thirty to forty drops of the drug.

Two tablets of medicine ” Metaprot ” will help the body not to get drunk.

Also, to avoid a hangover, you can resort to traditional medicine. A good tool is kvass, which can be prepared by yourself.

Twenty-four hours before the event, a three-liter glass jar is filled with four tablespoons of dry sourdough, which can be bought at any grocery store. Eight tablespoons of granulated sugar are also required. Then the ingredients are poured with cold drinking water without gas and stirred until complete dissolution. Then five or six granules of dry food yeast are added to the drink, after the neck of the vessel it is covered with a gauze rag consisting of several layers. Infused in a warm room (preferably in the sun). Twenty-four hours later, kvass is filtered.

Ways of drinking alcohol according to the method of special services

Sometimes at work you have to drink, but at the same time remain sober. Employees of the secret intelligence services have resorted to the following methods that help not to get drunk too quickly.

All alcoholic drinks are drunk slowly and in small sips. This method is not used when making strong alcohol. The person with whom alcohol is being drunk, during this time, drinks much more.

For half an hour before taking alcohol, it is advisable to eat until full.

If the reception of beverages is strictly prohibited, you can resort to tricks, for example, alcohol can be most invisibly poured into a pot with a plant standing nearby.

A good snack, moderate alcohol intake, taking specialized drugs from rapid intoxication and hangovers, as well as regular exercise will not prevent the negative effects of alcohol on a person.

Alcohol, even in small doses, will poison the body, which further leads to health problems. Therefore, the best solution in this matter will be a complete rejection of alcohol. In the future, this will help preserve health and prevent the development of various diseases.