Why does an erection disappear during intercourse?


  • Causes of loss of erection
  • Psychological disorders
  • Physiological causes
  • Treatment methods

The norm is the rapid weakening of an erection after the final phase of sexual intercourse – the achievement of orgasm and the process of ejaculation. The blood releases the tricky bodies of the penis, it becomes softer and decreases to its calm state. This process has the scientific name detumescence. But almost every man had a situation where the erection disappeared before the completion of sexual intercourse.

Loss of erection can be of two types:

  • Immediately before copulation, the genital loses its hardness, and with the introduction of it into the vagina, difficulties arise.
  • In the process of sexual intimacy, excitement suddenly disappears, the penis is withering and the continuation of the process becomes impossible.


Causes of loss of erection

The causes and factors provoking the disappearance or weakening of an erection during sex were divided into two main groups: physiological and psychological.

Psychological disorders

  • Syndrome first meeting . This syndrome is characterized by the disappearance of an erection before or during sexual intercourse with a new partner. The main cause of this situation is anxiety or excessive over-stimulation. If the behavior of the partner in this situation is adequate, then with repeated proximity, as a rule, the problem does not recur.
  • The syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure , abbreviated STOSN. This is the uncertainty of men in their sexual capabilities. Even before sexual intercourse, a man is afraid to fail at sexual intimacy, is afraid to make an unfavorable impression on his partner, thinks about the risk of contracting a venereal disease, worries about the possibility of unwanted pregnancy. And if at least one setback had occurred during sexual experience, the syndrome is aggravated and accumulates. A man becomes fixated on erections, is not able to relax, and another failure occurs.

Characteristic signs of STOS are complaints of men to weaken the penis at the most crucial moments when you need to wear a condom or insert the sexual organ into the vagina. Moreover, immediately before the sexual act, there are no problems with erection, and before it or in the process, it suddenly disappears. This is a pronounced psychological cause of the violation.


  • Partner. Sometimes the chosen one without a sense of tact tries to tell the man what to do during intercourse, expresses direct discontent with the man as a lover, often refuses to have sex, citing various reasons. All this can be perceived by a man as an inability to satisfy a woman, which leads to a decrease in sexual desire. The same effect can produce a repulsive, unattractive appearance of the partner, not respecting her hygiene.
  • Irregular, monotonous sex and masturbation . Irregular and monotonous sexual acts, frequent onanism can lead to inhibition of arousal, which leads to a violation of erection.
  • Mental or physical fatigue, overwork. The lack of rest can provoke a violation of the erection of an absolutely healthy man.
  • Stress, depression, shocks . The forces and resources of the body in such cases go to combat the problems that interfere with a full-fledged sex life.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol. Reception in a large number of alcoholic beverages and smoking leads to blocking of impulses necessary for erection in the brain. In addition, toxicity occurs in the body, negatively affecting the stability of erection.

If there are problems only at the time of sexual intimacy, but morning and evening erections do not disappear, then the problem is of a psychological nature. Unexpected, sex in this case, when a man does not have time to think about him, as a rule, passes without failures.

Physiological causes

The necessary hardness of the penis is due to a good flow of blood into its vessels. Some diseases interfere with normal blood circulation in the pelvic area, which leads to erectile dysfunction.

Main diseases:

  • Diabetes.
  • Obesity.
  • Hypertension.
  • Prostatitis .
  • Vascular disorders.
  • Testosterone deficiency.
  • STI diseases (sexually transmitted infections).
  • Cystitis. Read: What are the symptoms indicate cystitis ?

To treat these diseases, you need to consult a doctor.


Treatment methods

Treatment of the problem is reduced to the exclusion of all psychological barriers in the head of a man, the establishment of proper rest and a healthy lifestyle. For this you need:

  • Build trust with your partner.
  • Do not focus on erections, learn to relax, get rid of complexes and fears.
  • Have sex regularly. The less frequent sexual intercourse occurs, the weaker the male reproductive system becomes.
  • Limit bad habits, fully relax, play sports.
  • In case of diseases of the body, be examined and eliminate the causes that affect the violation of the urogenital system.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, erectile dysfunction can be corrected and treated. It is necessary to reconsider their attitude towards themselves, if necessary, undergo examination and treatment. This will help solve the problem with health and enjoy sex.